Oppo Pillow

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Product features

Oppo Pillow measures 50*70*13 cm.

Goose down pillows are very comfortable for many people. Thanks to its special formula, Oppo pillow is produced with a goose down effect without using goose feathers in its content.

It can be used in all seasons and adapts to the head and neck form.

It provides hygienic use for years thanks to its zippered, removable and washable cover.

This special pillow is produced with a goose feather effect, which gives it the comfort and luxury feeling that goose down pillows provide. Made from high quality and durable materials, the pillow is long-lasting and continues to provide a comfortable sleeping experience for years. In addition, thanks to its sound and motion isolation feature, it provides a more uninterrupted sleep by not being affected by external factors and your partner's movements.

It relieves you of the tiredness of the day and provides you with a restful sleep experience. An ideal option for those looking for the comfort of goose down, this pillow offers elegance and comfort in your bedroom with the use of luxurious and natural materials.

You can choose this special goose down effect pillow to improve your sleep pattern and provide the peaceful sleep your body needs.