About us

The Visco Point brand, which was established in Izmir in 2014, was established with the aim of adapting the developing technology in the world to the sector. Combining knowledge and experience with healthy sleep, it is on the way to become the architect of mornings where people sleep comfortably and wake up happily. Our only goal is for people to use sleep more efficiently, with R&D studies that we design, research and develop in harmony with technology, and direct them in line with their knowledge. We produce alternatives to your living spaces with our professional staff, with a range of products such as bed bases, headboards, quilts and pillows that we offer to our customers apart from beds. We are happy to bring you Visco Point, which offers a sleep experience tailored to the needs of the person, on this road that we embarked on with the awareness of different sleeping habits in the modern world, where innovations and sustainability come to the fore.