İron Base

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Product features

With its ergonomic and functional design, the Iron Bed Base with a large storage space gives you extra space in your home.

10 cm Foot Height

6 feet are used in single bed bases and 12 feet are used in double bed bases. Made of high-strength material, the feet maintain their durability for many years. Thanks to the legs with a height of 10 cm, you can easily get the bottom of the bed base with a mop or vacuum cleaner.

20x30 Steel Profile

The steel box profile frame used in iron bases maintains its first day form for many years thanks to its durable and robust structure. The 20x30 mm steel profile used in the plinth covers prevents flexing.

28 cm Plinth Height

Iron bases offer a large interior volume with a height of 28 cm. With its ideal height ratio, it not only provides convenience when climbing onto the bed, but also provides a high storage space.

750 Newton Shock Absorber

Two shock absorbers, each with a lifting power of 750 Newton, are used in single bed bases. You can lift your plinth cover very easily with the shock absorbers with a total power of 1500 Newton. With its long-lasting and durable shock absorber system, you can safely use your base for many years.

Base Air Capsule

There is 1 air capsule in single bed bases and 2 air capsules in double bed bases. The air capsules in the chest section of the base prevent the formation of moisture and dampness. Even if the base is closed for a long time, odor does not occur with the air circulation provided by the air capsules.

Security Lock

After removing the plinth cover, do not forget to replace the safety catch on the shock absorber system.

Silicone Base Handle

You can open the iron base covers by holding their flexible and sturdy silicone handles. Silicone base handles provide convenience during opening and closing, and prevent your mattress from sliding forward.

Erasable Fabric

The upholstery fabrics used in iron bases and headboards have a fabric that is resistant to fading and abrasion. Thanks to its water-repellent feature, you can safely wipe your base and headboard fabric with a slightly damp cloth.