Visco Snoring Reducing Pillow | VAS 01

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Product features

VAS-01 Visco anti-snoring pillow has dimensions of 55 * 40 * 12 cm.

Thanks to its ergonomic special design, it relaxes the body by reducing pressure points in the neck area. The extra support it provides to the neck area with its special design allows the head to remain in a more upright position. In this way, it helps reduce problems such as shortness of breath, snoring and sleep apnea.

Snoring-reducing pillows made of viscoelastic material are generally designed to improve sleep patterns and quality. Thanks to their ergonomic design and supportive features, these pillows can help reduce snoring by keeping the user's neck and head area in the correct position.

These pillows can often be used and provide benefits in the following situations:

1. Snoring Problem: Viscoelastic material can reduce narrowing and obstruction in the airway by supporting the head and neck area, which can prevent or reduce snoring.

2. Neck and Back Pain: It can relieve neck and back pain by providing the right support and appropriate position.

3. Sleep Quality: Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can improve relaxation and sleep quality during sleep.

4. Sleeping Position: By maintaining the correct position when sleeping on your side and on your back, you can maintain a healthy posture during sleep.

5. Fatigue and Drowsiness: As a result of the right support, it can make you feel more comfortable during sleep, so you can be more energetic when you wake up.

6. Sleep Apnea: It can reduce the severity of symptoms in people with mild sleep apnea by helping to keep the airway open.

Snoring-reducing viscoelastic pillows can often be used at home, in the bedroom, during travel or during relaxation in the office. These pillows can be an ideal option to support daily sleep patterns and provide a more comfortable sleep experience.