In recent years, awareness about quality sleep has increased considerably. When you add the technological developments in mattress production, you can find hundreds of alternatives to choose a good, correct and quality mattress for yourself. This can make bed selection difficult. So how do you choose the right mattress for yourself?

When choosing the ideal mattress for yourself, do not set your primary criteria as price and brand. Because there is no ideal bed for everyone. You should find the most suitable mattress according to your own body, spine structure and needs.

Determine Your Ideal Sleep Position and Firmness

Everyone's sleep process is as unique as a fingerprint. There are 3 different sleeping positions. On the back, side, face.. In general, we sleep in every sleeping position during sleep. However, mainly determine your preferred, favorite and most comfortable sleeping position. This will guide you in determining the ideal hardness level of your mattress. You can determine the ideal firmness of your new mattress from the table below.