A quality sleep process directly affects your mental and physical health. Therefore, you can see buying a new mattress as an investment in your health.

How often should the bedding be changed?' Different answers can be given to the question. However, it is generally recommended to replace your bearings every 5-7 years. But in some cases, it may be beneficial to change your bed without waiting for this period.

So under what conditions should you change your mattress?

* If you wake up tired and in pain in the morning

* If you feel tired all day long

* If you suffer from low back, neck and back pain

* If you do not feel comfortable when you lie down

* If you sleep more comfortably when you go to a hotel

* If your bed has visible collapse, wear, crushing

* If you hear strange noises from your bed

Now is the time to buy a new mattress. First, you need to consult a specialist doctor and say goodbye to your old bed.